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  • “For more than seventy years, I dreaded going to the dentist. It was a place that I associated with pain, claustrophobia, and fear. Today, as we make the long drive from Bisbee to West Tucson, I find myself looking forward to a visit with old friends, professionals who care, and who therefore make each experience a time to anticipate with peaceful happiness. Whatever the procedure, I am never disappointed in that anticipation.”

    S.R. (Patient), Dental Fear

  • "It is truly an honor to work with Steve. Dr. Swidler's passion and understandings of how the teeth and jaws effect the entire body is light years ahead of traditional dentistry. It’s truly an honor to work with him here in Tucson”.

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  • “I recommend Medicine Wheel Dental to my patients. I trust the quality of care being offered by Medicine Wheel Dental. I often recommend their care to my patients and friends.”

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  • “We were not sure if holistic dentistry was compatible with our personal life focus. However, when we first came to Medicine Wheel, we found the focus on holistic dentistry very compatible with our personal focus in life. It is my pleasure, and my honor, to commend you personally, Steve, on that which you have accomplished in your personal journey and the consequent leadership that has created the practice that you so freely share today, with your staff and with all of us who are privileged to be your patients.”

    H.W. (Patient), Holistic Dentistry

  • “Dr Glass offers the perfect combination of expert dentistry, stellar integrity, deep caring for his patients, and a joyful, upbeat personality. He doesn’t just work on teeth– he treats the whole person with compassion and inquires deeply into how best to be of service. I’m enormously grateful to have found him and be in his very capable and conscientious care.”

    K.F., Testimonials