Our Admin Team are available to assist you with all your scheduling and insurance needs with care and a helpful nature.

Jorgia Barfield – Front Office

Jorgia joins us after 15 years of dental experience. She enjoys spending time with her family, arts and crafts, and just about anything outdoors. Be sure to introduce yourself and say hi so she can get to know more about you and all of our wonderful patients.

Should you have any questions regarding your treatment, insurance, appointment scheduling, or anything else, Jorgia will be glad to assist you. She is a wealth of knowledge and is often told, has a very friendly voice.


Ari Swidler – Facility Director

Ari’s experience as a supervisor came from a Fortune 500 company where he trained and managed groups of up to 60 employees. This has helped provide a strong knowledge base for management, teamwork, and customer service. Ari provides excellent, personable, and top notch service to each individual who chooses Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness. Our clients/patients are the catalyst for the vision he has been able to co create at Medicine Wheel. Ari’s entrepreneurial spirit, his ability to think outside the box with practical approaches, and individualized attention to detail is part of what makes this facility one to remember for our clients.

Ari is happily married and a proud father of two beautiful children. Ari has a wonderful heart and a desire to inspire. You will LOVE working with him as much as we do.