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Chronic Head & Neck Pain? It Could Be Your Bite.

Chronic Head and Neck Pain? It could be your bite/

Head and neck pain, could be your bite

Chronic Head and Neck Pain - could be your bite

Dr. Swidler’s pioneering work in the emerging field of “whole body dentistry” has combined dentistry with Cranial Osteopathy.

Body/Jaw Alignment

While most dentists’ primary focus is on replacing broken teeth, bringing health to the gums and creating beautiful smiles, part of the approach at Medicine Wheel Dental is based on a totally new paradigm of understanding. Dentistry, and specifically the position of the jaw and bite, are absolutely foundational to stabilizing both body alignment, function, and helping create the opportunity for high level wellness.


Save $20.00

Save $20.00

Receive a $20 credit with one of our practioners for every cleaning booked from
now until December 31,2012.
Remember use your Dental Insurance benefits before the end of the year.

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Offer Expires: December 31,2012

Fall Cleanse: Release Nourish and Refresh

Fall Cleanse: Release Nourish and Refresh

Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center Presents

Fall Cleanse: Release, Nourish & Refresh

with Maria Kalima, RN, MS, E-RYT, Ayurvedic Health Specialist

Thursday October 11 thru Monday October 22, 2012

Ayurveda, Yoga’s Sister Science, is an ancient healing modality based upon knowledge and awareness of
the qualities of nature. Given that we are inherently one with the nature around us, we can start to view
the changes of the seasons as key components to our body’s changing needs.

The Vata Season of Ayurveda is the fall/early winter time of year, when the heat of the summer is often times still built up within

Cleansing workshop medicine wheel dental and wellness center

Cleansing Flower

us and the dry air quality of the fall comes into play. Both of these combined can be felt as a bloating and or a very dry quality in the body and sense of scttered thoughts in the winter season.

Although each season is perfect in its own way, there are imbalances that can occur as we move thru our stressful daily lives. Vata out of balance can manifest as dry skin, hair & mucus membranes; a feeling of tiredness to deep exhaustion; nervousness to anxious depression; and slow digestion to constipation.

If you want to cleanse safely, joyfully and with guidance, consider joining Maria for 2 weeks of guided cleansing. This is NOT a fast. Maria brings to the celebration of Fall a specialized cleanse based on her vast knowledge and training in Ayurveda, yoga therapy, and wellness eating. She will guide you in this journey through the seasons at the level of your choice.

 Following are the menu options available:

SPECIAL OFFER: Past cleansers, pay 2011 prices ($175 instead of $190)

Program Includes:

$80 Baseline Cleanse includes:

  • Pre-Cleanse instructions

  • First night (October 11) pre-cleanse lecture presentation fo the concepts and principles of the cleanse. (NOTE: Arrive at 5:45 for an optional ayurvedic yoga class prior to lecture – RSVP required – NO EXTRA FEE)

  • Full Cleanse Lecture – Tuesday, October 16

  • Ending Cleanse Lecture – Monday, October 22

  • Cleanse instructions:

    • How to administer home treatments
    • Background Ayurvedic information
    • Daily contact emails with cleanse updates, reminders and encouragements
    • Cleansing recipes
    • List of other participants for support (optional to have name on list)

$110 Cleanse Herbs and Supplies:

  • The key herbs (to be started during the cleanse and continued for approximately 1 month). All herbs are organic and trustworthy in their quality. List available on request.

Other Cleanse Options:
(Self-Care Practices will be given in lectures, the following are packages for those who would like more individual guidance)

$140 Full Bliss treatment w/ Maria – Marma massage, Herbalized full body steam treatment, Shirodhara. (NOTE: this treatment includes a mini ayurvedic consultation)

$65 Exit consultation including a wellness plan from Maria (The standard Baseline cleanse will include a generic wellness plan)

NOTE: Additional herbs or teas will be recommended during the Fall cleanse. These are optional and offered at a separate charge depending on item.

Dates of cleanse:

  • Thursday October 11 at 7pm PST is the first night of lecture
  • Cleanse thru Tuesday, October 16.

To have a successful cleanse a pre-cleanse is strongly suggested. The first 5 days will be a Pre-Cleanse, the next 5 days will be a Full Cleanse, followed by specific instructions for nourishing and refreshing. All three lectures will be recorded and available for all who have signed up, with handouts available by email. Each lecture will have yummy Fall Cleanse foods to sample and eat, recipies included.

Participation is limited in order to provide quality support to each person.

Final Note: For Cleansers outside of Tucson, there will be a separate charge of $6 to mail supplies per person.

Email Maria at for questions or to sign up. .