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Planting Your Intentions

Planting Your Intentions

An evening talk and experiential ceremony with Jane Innmon sponsored by
Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center, community offerings program

“Planting Your Intentions
The Blessings and Benefits of Ceremony
In Perfect Preparation For Spring Equinox”

March 19, 2013 6:30 – 8:30 pm


Doing ceremonies on a regular basis can enhance your ability to create what you want in your life; we become intentional and focused when doing ceremony which in turn helps us gain the clarity we need to move in a different direction. Do you know how to intentionally create the future you want?  We will spend some time talking about how ceremonies like a planting ceremony can help move you in the right direction.  This will be a fun and interactive evening that begins with a clearing/cleansing with sage smudging.

Suggested Donation $10.00

Bring your open heart and mind and be prepared for some fun!

Please RSVP to Jane Innmon at 520.395.0648 or

Medicine Wheel Wellness Center
4650 W Jojoba Drive,
Tucson AZ 85745


More Than Just a “Teeth Cleaning”

More Than Just a “Teeth Cleaning”

    It’s that time again! You just received that friendly reminder call
from your dental office, reminding you its time to have your teeth cleaned.
Some of us are happy knowing our appointment is already scheduled, while
others begrudgingly oblige because we know it’s “good for us,” and others of
us put it off as long as possible.  No matter how you feel about having your
teeth cleaned, the benefits go far beyond what many of us are aware of.

Sure, we all know having our teeth cleaned helps with whiter teeth
and fresher breath, and we all love that “fresh from the dentist clean”
feeling.  However, the underlying benefits of having your teeth cleaned go
far beyond what you can see and feel in your mouth. In fact, having your
teeth cleaned regularly not only maintains your oral health, but also has a
significant impact on maintaining your overall health.

Hidden Benefits to having regular teeth cleanings:

*Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Having your teeth cleaned involves removing plaque and tartar that
adheres to your teeth, both above and below the gumline.  Both plaque and
tartar harbor bacteria, which in high enough concentration, causes an
infection in your gums.  As with anywhere else in the body, when an
infection is present, inflammation occurs. When inflammation occurs in the
gums we refer to it as gingivitis. If the infection is left untreated, the
bacteria continues to thrive and multiply eventually causing damage to the
bone structure that supports the teeth. This is called periodontal disease.
Several studies have shown a link between both heart disease and
stroke.  When the tissues in the oral cavity are inflamed, they bleed
easily.  When the gums bleed, the bacteria in the area have a freeway
entrance into the blood stream and entire body.  There have been documented
cases of both dental plaque build up and dental bacteria present in arterial
walls.  For this reason, periodontal disease has been found to be a risk
factor for both cardiovascular disease and stroke.

*Prevent Oral Cancer

The Oral Cancer Foundation states that in the United States, someone
dies every hour of the day from oral cancer.  During every cleaning
appointment, a thorough oral cancer screening is performed.  Any abnormality
can be addressed early and possibly avoid progression into cancerous cells.
Early diagnosis of oral cancer is the best prevention, in that, if caught
early, oral cancer has a very good prognosis.

*Save Money!!

It’s no secret that when dental treatment is needed, as with most
things, if dealt with early, you can almost always save time and money.
Allowing an infection or broken tooth to go untreated will only cost more
money and effort to fix in the long run.  If there are dental problems
present, being seen regularly can detect them when they are at an early
stage.  Not only does this save time and money, but has the potential of
preventing severe pain somewhere down the road.

*Healthy Pregnancy and Childhood

Inflammation of the gums caused by the bacteria in plaque and tartar
has another unseen complication.  Both gingivitis and periodontal disease
can contribute to unhealthy pregnancy.  Gum disease has been marked as a
risk factor for both pre term labor, as well as low birth weight babies.
The long term complications of low birth weight babies are extensive, and
can sometime be prevented just by maintaining a healthy oral environment
during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones in turn can have a detrimental affect
on the health of gum tissue, which can be remedied by regular dental care.
Another risk to children associated with high levels of bacteria
present in their parent’s mouths, comes from what many parents do without a
second thought.  The simple action of sharing a bite of food with your
children, has been shown to contribute to higher decay rates in children.
By sharing utensils, bacteria is passed from one to another.  By maintaining
a healthy mouth, the amount of bacteria available to be “shared” is
significantly reduced and therefore reduces the risk for both cavities and
gum disease in younger children.

There are many more unrealized benefits to maintaining a healthy
oral cavity, even including lowering the risks of diabetes.  So, while many
of us may not love the idea of seeing the dentist or hygienist, the benefits
go far beyond that “fresh from the dentist feel.”  By having regular dental
cleanings, you are not only maintaining a healthy smile, but you are
contributing to an overall healthy YOU!

De Elise Krause, RDH


Optimal Nutrition to Achieve and Maintain High-Level Wellness

Optimal Nutrition to Achieve and Maintain High-Level Wellness

Sponsored by Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center Community Offerings Program

Spend an evening at Medicine Wheel with Neil Levin as he offers valuable knowledge and information on “Nutritional Super Foods for Building High Level Wellness in Adults and Seniors” March 22,2013

Active adults and seniors often fail to consume the full range and amounts of nutrients needed to maintain their youth, health, and vitality. This may be because of lifestyles that rely heavily on processed and prepared foods, so we can’t identify or control our nutrient intake. Or we may have unique factors that increase our requirement for some nutrients. If we are on restrictive diets, they tend to restrict not only calories and specific foods but also our intake of essential nutrients. Another contributor is the failure of many modern foods to even provide the limited amounts of nutrients listed on their product labels, due to a number of factors. Often, nutrient deficiencies cause or aggravate symptoms that mimic aging and senility. Besides good dietary practices, there are nutrient-rich Super Foods that provide more nutritional value than ordinary foods.

  • What nutrients have been quietly disappearing from our modern diets?

  • What are the most common nutrient deficiencies and their symptoms?

  • What are the easiest ways to correct them?

  • What are some common “Super Foods” and how can they contribute to optimal nutritional status?


Health and Nutrition

Holistic Health Coaching-

Health Coaches are knowledgeable advisors who provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats and proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, Phoebe coaches her clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. She will guide you to find the foods and lifestyle choices that best support you and help you make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach current and future health goals. Schedule a free, initial consultation, to see if health coaching is right for you.

Demystifying Grocery Shopping, Kitchen Clean Up and Meal Planning-

These are some of the services offered as part of the holistic health coaching program.  During these sessions you will learn which foods to move to towards and which to avoid; how to read food labels and which ingredients to avoid; new foods and tips on how to prepare them in 30 minutes or less; healthy meal planning and food combining as well as how to save money while still eating healthy.

Food Wellness Workshops-

Phoebe offers workshops on various topics such as eating for energy, weight loss, sugar cravings and plant based diets. Her workshops are fun, informative and always provide you with take-home inspiration. Cooking Lessons- A valuable tool in achieving optimal health is learning to create healthy meals for yourself and your family.  Phoebe can help you learn to create simple, delicious, health meals at Medicine Wheel Wellness Center, in either a group or private session.


Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements, What You Really Need to Know!

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements, What You Really Need to Know!

Three Part Series Sponsored by,

MWDWC logo

Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness

Presented By,

Karen Mercereau of

RN Patient Advocates.


Do You Know What Vitamins and Minerals are Necessary?
The Good, the Bad and the don’t put it in your mouth!

A guide to the role of vitamins and minerals,
how much is really needed to help achieve optimal health!

 Medications and Vitamins/Supplements
Often Clash


Vitamin and Mineral Blocking by Medication –

Can Your Medications be Blocking
Essential Vitamins & Minerals You Need?

Thursday, July 11, 2013  7pm

Do You Know What Vitamins and Minerals Are Necessary?

A guide to the role of vitamins and minerals-
how much of each is needed to help achieve optimal health!

Place:  Medicine Wheel Dental Wellness Center
4650 West Jojoba Drive – off Camino del Oeste

RSVP to: 520.743.3366



Spring Cleanse 2013 Clear, Lighten & Rejuvenate

Spring Cleanse 2013 Clear, Lighten & Rejuvenate

Lalita’s Spring Cleanse 2013, Clear, Lighten & Rejuvenate
with Maria Kalima, RN, MS, E­RYT, Ayurvedic Practitioner
Thursday April 25 thru Monday May 6, 2013

Ayurveda, Yoga’s Sister Science, is an ancient healing modality based upon knowledge and awareness of the qualities of nature.  Given that we are inherently one with the nature around us, we can start to view the changes of the seasons as key components to our body’s changing needs.

The Kapha season of Ayurveda, also known as the “Season of the Sleepy Bear,” is the late winter/early spring time when the heaviness of the longer nights, damper weather & the congestion of the earth is felt within us and around us.  Kapha out of balance can manifest as allergies, colds, excess weight, congestion, sluggishness & depression.  Cleansing and rejuvenation are important for us to prepare for the upcoming summer season from a place of lightness and ease.

Although each season is perfect in its own way, imbalances can occur as we move thru our stressful daily lives.  The spring season is the best season of the year to cleanse and lighten, shedding old constructs and embracing new ideas and ways of being.

If you want to cleanse safely, joyfully and with guidance, consider joining Maria for 12 days of guided cleansing.  This is NOT a fast.  Maria brings to the celebration of spring a specialized cleanse based on her vast knowledge and training in Ayurveda, yoga therapy, and wellness eating. She will guide you in this journey through the seasons at the level of your choice.

The Reclining Buddha: Rest and Rejuvenation are important aspects of Self-Realization





© Functional Yoga Therapy 2013







The Spring Cleanse options are as follows:



Basic cleanse for all includes:

  • Pre-Cleanse instructions

  • First night pre-cleanse lecture (Thursday April 25) presentation of the concepts and principles of the cleanse.

  •  Arrive at 5:45 for an optional Ayurvedic yoga class prior to lecture – RSVP required NO EXTRA FEE

  • Full Cleanse Lecture (Tuesday April 30)

    • Introducing Hila Grainger, Ayurvedic Chef – The Veggie Temptress will make some of the key ingredients of the Full Cleanse Live (and Webinar for those out of town). This evening will begin at 6pm for the Food Preparation segment;with the Full Lecture to begin at 7pm.

  • Ending Cleanse Lecture (Monday May 6)Cleanse instructions

    •  Introducing Cate Bradley, Functional Yoga Therapist, speaking on the “Power of Thought to Maintain the  Benefits of the Cleanse Experience.”
      (Cate has spoken in the past, with her dynamic contagious enthusiasm of truth).

  • Cleanse Instructions

  • How to administer home treatments

  • Background Ayurvedic information

  • Daily emails with cleanse updates, step by step reminders & encouragements,   along with therapeutic teachings; your daily mudra, Yoga Nidra options &   Meditation practices; a Jyotish moon observations from Natasha Korshak.

  • Cleansing recipes

  • Private email support as needed.


Cleanse herbs & supplies: The key herbs to be started during the cleanse-( All herbs are organic & trustworthy in their quality.)
NOTE: Additional Herbs & foods may be suggested to customize your cleanse; these are optional and a separate charge from what will be provided in your kit.
NEW in 2013:
All cleanse kits will include Specific herbal tea packets (CCF Tea, PK Tea, and Cleanse Tea), Castor Oil, Enema kit and a Gharshana glove and your key herbs for the entire cleanse.


OTHER   CLEANSE OPTIONS (Self –Care Practices will be given in lectures)

NEW This Spring: The Veggie Temptress (Hila Grainger) is offering:

  1. Uncooked, premeasured, ready to cook, cleansing stew packets – everything you need, just add water and cook. Each packet will feed one person for 7 days, 3 meals per day.

  2. Dosha balancing spice mixes. Many of you have tasted the spice mixes I bring to the cleanses.Well, these are exponentially better, and more reasonably priced when you buy all three doshas.




Full Bliss Treatment Plus –   Marma massage, Herbalized full body steam treatment, Shirodhara (NOTE: this treatment includes a mini ayurvedic consultation). $140.

NEW This Spring: Book an appointment on 4/27 for a Full Bliss Treatment Plus and book another one on 5/1 and receive a $40.00 savings.$240 for two Bliss Treatments Plus sessions.

NOTE: The hallmark of an excellent Ayurvedic Cleanse is to receive the body treatments that help to   purge the system of toxins.(Dates for the $40 savings 4/27 & 5/1 only)



© Functional Yoga Therapy 2013



Dates of cleanse lectures: Thursday, April 25 thru Monday, May 6.
The first 5 days will be a Pre Cleanse; the next 5 days will be a Full Cleanse, followed by specific instructions for rejuvenation.
Pre Cleanse lecture on Thursday April 25 at 7 pm PST (5:45 for optional yoga class)
Full Cleanse lecture on Tuesday April 30 at 7 pm PST (6pm for food prep class)
Final Cleanse Lecture on Monday May 6 at 7 pm PST given by Cate Bradley

All three lectures will be recorded and available for all who have signed up, with handouts available by email. Each lecture will have yummy Spring Cleanse foods to sample and eat (recipes for all).

Participation is limited in order to provide quality support to each person. Email at to sign up  and for questions.

  • SIGN UP WITH A FRIEND: Each person pays $170 for the basic cleanse, herbs and supplies (minus options)

    NOTE: Must sign up together.

Final Note: For Cleansers outside of Tucson, there will be a separate charge of $8 to mail supplies per person. If signing up in groups of 5 or more, the charge will be decreased dependent upon size of box sent (at all times giving you the best price we can find for shipping).





© Functional Yoga Therapy 2013


Eating for Energy and Playshop Smoothie Tasting

Eating for Energy and Playshop Smoothie Tasting

energyWhat Foods are Best to Increase Your Energy?

Sponsored by Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center Community Education Partnership Programs

Please join Health Coach Phoebe Jenkins for a fun playshop on Eating for Energy!

April 6th10:30-noon at Medicine Wheel Wellness Center

*By donation. Includes green smoothie making demo and tasting

Learn what foods and lifestyle habits increase and decrease your energy and 10 simple steps to increase your energy immediately.

RSVP for this event by April 4th to Phoebe

Phoebe Jenkins is a Holistic Health Coach, Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist in Tucson.


Selenite Swords of Light Training

Selenite Swords of Light Training

Selenite Swords of Light Training

At Medicine Wheel Wellness Center

April 26th – 27th -28th   Tom Ledder with two swords Peru

Join Tom Ledder for A Light Worker Training in Tucson, Arizona. This exciting three-part weekend event will explore the healing and energetic properties of the powerful Selenite Swords of Light.

Sellenite sword for seminarFree Introduction to the Selenite Swords of Light – Friday, April 26th

Kris laying down This introduction will give you an experience of what these powerful Swords of Light feel like in your hands and a chance to feel the energy and the light for yourself. We will also cover the upcoming training classes and what is involved. There will be a light body activation at the end of the evening. This Intro class will be held from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Light Worker Training Program – Saturday, April 27th 

Tom working on 3rd eye Light Worker Training program is designed to provide many methods to powerfully work with energy and light. We will use the Selenite Swords of Light in different hands-on exercises. You will learn techniques of how to activate, clear and balance the chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. Training will include learning the powerful Light Body activation process with the Swords. This class will be held from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a one hour lunch breakCost: $125.00registermenow

Healers Training Program – Sunday, April 28th 

The Healers training class will cover how to analyze energetic problems of the body and the methods to transform, change and remove those energy issues. You will learn how to use a pendulum and work with Hanna Kroeger’s analysis process. We will also learn a new activation for the 12 layers of DNA and the use of the Swords of Light in Esoteric Acupressure work developed by Mikio Sankey, a certified acupuncturist in Los Angeles. This class will be held from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a one hour lunch break Cost: $125.00. If you attend both days, you’ll get a $50.00 dollar discount of the total. This is only available if you click on the Register Me Now Button and sign up for the Lightworker Training first.

(Light worker training is a prerequisite to attending the Healers Training)registermenow

Table of Swords Located at Medicine Wheel Wellness Center 4650 W Jojoba Dr, Tucson, AZ 85745 Contact Tom Ledder to sign up at 970-227-1198 You are receiving this email because you have either had contact with Tom Ledder, the Selenite Sword Maker or you have purchased a Selenite Sword in the past. Tom will be teaching classes in Japan in June, Australia in September and Southern Californa in October 2013. “Custom Swords Available” — If you would like a Selenite Sword of Light customized for your energy and needs call Tom at 970-227-1198 and discuss what you would like. The customization using special power crystals is possible for your sword. Send this Email to a Friend

 Disclosure: Esoteric or energy healing courses presented at Medicine Wheel are presented for community interest only and do not represent the views or techniques utilized at Medicine Wheel Dental.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Concert

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Concert

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing Concert

Sunday, February 10th

6:30pm – Concert

Let the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls create waves of healing vibrations. Experience a deep state of relaxation in which to expand and align to your highest Destiny. Plan to arrive at 6:30pm.  Please bring your yoga roll with padding to layout on the floor for the hour concert.  You may also want extra pillows and an eye cover.

   Location:  Medicine Wheel Wellness
4650 W Jojoba Drive, Tucson AZ 85754

Suggested donation:  $10- $20.
All donations go to the building of an orphanage in our Teacher Suren Shrestha’s village in Nepal.
Reservations required, limited space.   RSVP: Kate Flax 520-395-2541

A Ganesha Enterprises Production


How Dental Insurance Works at Medicine Wheel Dental

How Dental Insurance Works at Medicine Wheel Dental

At Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center we made the conscious choice long ago that we would not subscribe to any particular dental insurance company who would be in a position to dictate our covered services and therefore, how and what we schedule. This would affect our ability to allocate the substantial time to our patients which we find to be a necessity in our practice. In other words, we work for our patients and not the insurance companies.

We do however encourage each patient to utilize their dental insurance coverage (if applicable) and interestingly enough, while the coverage seems to be quite a bit less when going to an “out of network” office, it ends up being basically the same benefits when you use them at Medicine Wheel.

Let us explain how… It is a discouraging fact that for most people today, dental insurance benefits are the same as they were in the 70’s. The biggest change (other than dental advancements) is the cost. Unfortunately this sector of insurance has not evolved with the high fluctuation in dental office’s overhead. Most insurance companies will cover $1,000 – $1,500 annually (there are some exceptions for slightly better coverage). Some have a one time deductible and some do not.

Typically coverage is based on the following categories:
Preventative; cleanings, exams, x-rays, etc.– 100%
Basic Restorative; fillings, some periodontal & oral Surgeon services, etc. – 80%
Major Restorative; crowns, bridges, implants, more major periodontal & oral Surgery, etc.) – 50%
*This is based upon the insurance company’s fee schedule

What most people are traditionally used to is not paying up front, the insurance pays what they pay, and then the patient receives a bill for the remainder of the balance. At Medicine Wheel Dental we collect payment when a service is rendered, we then submit to dental insurance companies who pay based on the same tiered system. This payment goes to the patient directly, and at the end of the year the patient still receives their $1,000 – $1,500 as a capped benefit regardless of how much dental work they had for that year.

The reality is, patients receive the same capped annual coverage as they do with an “in network” dental office.
Medicine Wheel Dental has invested into a state of the art insurance submission service so that our clients with out of network dental insurance benefits receive the insurance company’s reimbursement within the shortest amount of time currently available without compromising the level of care we can offer.
It is for the reasons above that Medicine Wheel Dental feels that this system is a “win, win” We do understand that dental insurance protocols, terminology, and coding can be a complex and time consuming process. Because your time is important to us, we are happy to offer the service of insurance submission and follow up at no additional charge to you.
One of our little ways of saying THANK YOU to all of our friends at Medicine Wheel.

“Don’t wait; utilize this year’s dental insurance coverage today.
Most policies renew January first and schedules are filling up quickly”