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New Practitioners at the Wellness Center

New Practitioners at the Wellness Center

Medicine Wheel Wellness Center is proud to announce and welcome our new Massage, Acupuncture and Yoga therapists.They are a wonderful addition to our integrative team and look forward to serving you on your journey towards greater health and well being. We are delighted to offer their expertise.

Dianne, our acupuncturist, will be in our office for appointments the first and third Wednesday of the month.

Patricia, our Yoga specialist, will be joining us mid-September. She will be available for Structural Reintegration / Re-education Therapy during the normal dental center hours. Patricia will also be giving a Therapeutic Yoga Flow Classes, please visit our calendar for times and dates.


 To book an appointment with any of our new practioners or if you have questions, please call the dental office 520.743.7101.

 If there are other services you would like to see offered at the Wellness Center, please let us know what they are.