General Dentistry

Medicine Wheel Dental offers all the general dentistry services that you would find at any dental office. Our practice is referred to as holistic dentistry because we provide you with the additional focus on total body, wellness care. We understand that you are a whole, greater than the sum of your parts and thus we consider your entire body’s well being, not just your teeth/your parts.

Comprehensive New Patient Exam – Unlike any other you have have received

Our extpanded and comprehensive exam is the single most important visit to determine your needs and to present you with treatment options. We spend a significant amount of time listening to you and exploring your dental and medical history as well as paying attention to your current symptoms and health/wellness profile. In addition to a thorough clinical dental exam, we also evaluate jaw/bite/body interrelationships, soft tissue and oral cancer screening. Depending on the complexity of the case, we may require additional, photos and diagnostic records (study models, tests, or specialty x-rays, etc.). We suggest you bring any current x-rays (within the past 2 years) with you to this appointment.

Limited Oral Examination (Emergency Care)

This examination is to evaluate a specific urgent/pressing need or concern. Once this urgent issue is addressed, an appointment for a comprehensive exam will be scheduled.

Periodic Examinations

Most patients are accustomed to only having a 3 – 5 minute dental exam from the dentist following their cleaning appointment. Our periodic examination is typically a 15 – 30 minute stand alone appointment whereby we reevaluate with the same thoroughness of a comprehensive new patient exam (we suggest this service annually at minimum).

Consultation/2nd Opinions

Consultations are helpful for people who are presented with a treatment they either do not understand or unsure of, or if they want to learn what natural/alternative approaches may be available. We can also provide 2nd opinions and guidance if you are restricted to an in-network dental insurance plan.

Digital X-rays

This state of the art technology produces very clear diagnostics at 1/9th the radiation exposure of already low dose, standard dental x-rays. This means that the x-ray exposure for taking a full set of films (18) is the same as what you were exposed to in the past for taking only 2 1/2 of the normal four (4) bite wing x-rays.

  • Note – For those wanting to minimize the energetic impact of x-rays, consider going to your local homeopathic pharmacy or health food store and purchasing homeopathic “x-ray” 30c or homeopathic “Clorox” 30c

Services offered

  • Composite fillings-white, tooth colored and biocompatible options
  • Crowns – White (all ceramic), high noble gold, porcelain fused to gold and other biocompatible options.
  • Bridges – White (all ceramic), high noble gold, porcelain fused to gold and other biocompatible options.
  • Partials – Metal and non-metal removable options – individual biocompatibility considered
  • Dentures – High quality Swiss technology and approach
  • Root Canals – Medicine Wheel Dental has developed a natural approach to avoid this procedure (when indicated) and keep even previously determined hopeless teeth, alive and vital
  • Reconstructive Dentistry (Full mouth rehabilitation) – Unlike any other dental office, we have developed a unique body/jaw alignment program that is utilized prior to reconstruction in order to maximize overall high level body function and alignment.
  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Note: Be Picky! After all dental procedures, especially fillings and crowns, we are asking our patients to “be picky” as we want to see you the next day if your bite is feeling “off” or any teeth are sensitive. By adjusting and addressing these subtle problems quickly, we can often avoid greater tooth sensitivity or even a questionable tooth dying.