What is Holistic Dentistry?


Holistic Dentistry emphasizes the use of nontoxic restoration materials while focusing on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on overall health. According to those who specialize in this field, cavities, infections, toxic or allergy-producing filling materials, root canals, and misalignment of the teeth or jaw can have far-reaching effects throughout the body. Recognizing that individual tooth sites relate to specific meridians, organs and vertebrate levels, etc., our holistic/biologic dental approach will bring you much more than a beautiful smile.

Structural Alignment

Medicine Wheel Dental has developed a brand-new direction in dentistry. One of the greatest missed opportunities in dentistry comes from the lack of a broader understanding that the teeth erupt into position based on whatever soft-tissue strain patterns are present in the whole body and how worn the baby teeth are can limit adequate permanent teeth eruption. If there was a difficult birth, falls, or injuries, the imbalanced tissue strain patterns will affect the growth and development of the structures needed to create balance and alignment, blood flow, nerve function, and proper lymphatic drainage (of the whole body). Before you restore your bite, make sure you have identified where your jaw needs to be in order to stabilize your overall body alignment to its optimal position in order to facilitate high level wellness and optimum body functions.

Alternative Options

In addition to our focus on excellence in caring for you and your health, providing a wide range of effective dental procedure/services, our clients benefit from many unique approaches and services unavailable at other offices. As a pioneer in the field of holistic integrative dentistry, Medicine Wheel has developed many of its own proprietary services. We also aim to be “recovery friendly” for those with issues related to environmental sensitivities, alcohol or substance abuse.

Materials Utilized

Medicine Wheel Dental focuses on utilizing the most non-toxic, durable and biocompatible dental materials available. If indicated, a Dental Biocompatibility blood test can determine which, of over 1,500 materials, are most suitable for you. This is especially important for anyone dealing with health or autoimmune challenges.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Through our dedication to delivering state-of-the-art dental services with the plus factor of expanded concepts of holistic/biologic dentistry, you will receive a thorough evaluation to address your unique needs and individualized treatment considerations.