Our Smile Gallery

The Field of all Possibilities

How many times have you been uplifted or encouraged when someone gave you a smile? Perhaps you were having a difficult day and the gift of a smile directed your way, helped to brighten your whole day. A dazzling smile can make you weak in the knees in the best possible way. A radiant smile has even been known to reduce fear or anxiety. Wow!

How many times have you lacked confidence because of your smile or covered your mouth when you laughed, afraid that your smile was not worthy?

Hide Your Smile No More!

Let us help you gift yourself with a beautiful smile and restore your confidence. A smile is a gift that keeps on giving…and it begins with YOU. There are many easy and affordable ways to enhance your smile. We offer a variety of services to support you in taking back the treasure of your smile. Please take a moment to enjoy viewing just a few of our smile successes.  It truly is a field of all possibilities.

At Medicine Wheel Dental, your cosmetic experience may include veneers, Lumineers, shaping, bonding, caps, bridges, whitening or a snap on smile. Please visit our page for a complete description of each option.

Here’s to a radiant you!