Movement Therapeutics

Postural Re-Integration/Re-Education and Stabilization

Private Sessions- A complete review/evaluation, re-education and renewal experience. Enjoy multi-fold benefits as our professional Yoga Therapist conducts an evaluation process involving an in-depth postural assessment and testing of specific range of motion and muscle strength. In addition, breathing patterns and other aspects of your energy body are taken into account. She then adapts an individualized set of postures, therapeutic movements, breathing techniques and meditation tools for you, while focusing on your particular lifestyle needs.  Individual, customized treatment plans are suggested as no two clients are the same, even if presenting similar conditions.  The care provided takes place in a nurturing, safe and confidential environment.

Therapeutic Yin Yoga

This is a quiet practice that complements your regular dynamic Yoga practice. Yin Yoga targets the spine, hips and legs and releases energy to the joints; unlike a dynamic yoga practice. A small number of poses are held comfortably for approximately 3 to 5 minutes each. .Props can be used if you wish to support your pose. Each pose is designed to open meridians (superhighways through the body, carrying energy or Prana). Yin Yoga applies strategic stress to connective tissues to help prevent deterioration of these tissues as we age. We increase our range of motion and reverse our aging process through Yin Yoga. This practice is about tasting the moment, sensing what arises and learning to extend this sensing. For times, pricing and more info.

Therapeutic Yoga Flow

Whether your needs are temporary or long term, this class offers a gentler Yoga approach involving the practice of mindfully flowing from one pose to the next. Emphasis is placed on use of the breath and learning the basic principles of alignment for your body to experience the full benefit of each pose. Each class explores conscious sitting, specific pranayama, hand mudras and linking breath to movement. As your breath becomes more in tune with your movement, it not only strengthens the body, but brings focus and clarity to the mind, grounding you firmly into the present moment. Restore your body; build strength and flexibility while relieving your stress with this class. Ideal for those who are not ready for more challenging classes, have muscle or joint pain, stiffness, weakness, fatigue or are recovering from a major illness. For times, pricing and more info.


These breathwork practices are offered in private sessions, Yoga classes or Postural Re-Integration/Re-Ecucation and Stabilization sessions. “Prana” means life sustaining energy and “Yama” means, to control. Pranayama is the regulation of this vital life force. By regulating the breath, one can gain mastery over body, mind and spirit. If we become conscious of our breathing, we can charge the whole body with fresh life. Deep full breathing takes in seven times more oxygen than shallow breathing, thereby creating a greater purification of the blood.  If we remember to practice conscious breathing, we can live a longer, healthier life.


There are many forms of meditation; however, all forms are ultimately the practice of cultivating stillness. If our mind is peaceful, we experience true happiness. Eventually, through the continued practice of meditation, we will be able to stay happy and balanced, even in the most difficult circumstances. In meditation we return to the true essence of our being, which is inner peace.  “Be still and listen to the body.”