MW Wellness FAQs

We are committed to High Level Wellness, Sustainability and Innovation

Medicine Wheel Wellness Center Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located

We are located on the West side of Tucson between the end of Grant (Ironwood Hills) and Sweetwater Dr, off Camino de Oeste at 4650.W. Jojoba Drive in the peaceful desert surroundings of the Tucson Mountains. While rural, we are only 9 minutes from Grant and I-10. See website for directions.

H4>How far is the Wellness center from the airport

We are 15.6 miles or 29 minutes depending on time of day and traffic. We are only 9 minutes from I-10 and 12-14 minutes from downtown Tucson.

Is your facility suitable for a wedding or a lunch meeting/luncheon, etc

Yes, on a weekend. There is a full kitchen onsite and in house or outside catering could be arranged.  Time of year and temperature would determine indoor or outdoor event choice and set up. Outdoor seating is limited and the facility is best suited for small to medium sized events. Note: We also have a non-denominational minister available to conduct or co-create a ceremony

If we wanted to have treatments as part of our event, is this possible?  If so, what is available

Yes, we can arrange for the following:  acupuncture, reflexology, massage, cranial work, the amazing percussion table, holistic dentistry, yoga therapy, nutritional counseling, energy healing sessions, counseling/spiritual counseling/coaching, clinical hypnotherapy/counseling, intuitive or guided journey sessions. Let us know if there is something specific you are looking for and we will see if we can arrange.

Is Medicine Wheel considered a spa

No, we are a Wellness Center dedicated to high level wellness, sustainability and innovation. While we offer some similar services or treatments that a spa might offer, we also offer additional features such as education, specific therapy modalities, holistic dentistry and space rental for workshops, classes and conferences. We do have a small salon on the property as well. Salon services can be arranged.

Do you offer water therapy services

Not at this time. We do not currently have a pool onsite.

Do you have someone who can help us plan our event

Yes, you can engage our “concierge” services and/ or our marketing services for this purpose.  We offer several different marketing packages and you can contract with our management team for event planning, consulting, event registration, catering and food coordination arrangements.

What days or hours are available to have an event

Based on availability events, classes, workshops etc., can be scheduled after 5 p.m. weekdays and during the day and evening on weekends from 8am to 10pm. If you need to make special arrangements for times other than these, it may be possible. Additional charges may apply. Please discuss all times for events with management.

Can we cook at your facility

Yes, we have a fully equipped, state of the art kitchen that can be rented by itself or as part of a package when booking space for an event. Please keep in mind we are NOT a commercial kitchen. As we are a wellness center, we appreciate healthy mindfulness with regard to food and beverages that you would be making or bringing into our center.

We will be coming from out of town.  Can we have meeting or conference supplies mailed to your facility ahead of time

Yes. Please discuss this during your intake interview so that we can make a note on your file/contract. It will depend on space availability particularly if items are perishable and require refrigeration, we will need to assess and ensure that we have enough space to accommodate your specific needs.

If we or our participants have forgotten to bring something, are there stores nearby

Yes.  Please see “what’s nearby” in our contract and info packet so that you can make this available to your participants. We also have a boutique onsite which offers yoga equipment.

Are there food/snacks available onsite for purchase

In general, no, however you may engage our concierge services or catering to arrange to have specialty items on hand for purchase or to arrange to have a juice bar here on a day or days of the event. For offsite resources, please refer to the list of nearby stores and restaurants. For example, we are only 3.8 miles from the Safeway grocery store.

How big of an event can you accommodate

It depends on the type of event and desired set up. For example, a set up with table seating takes up more room than rows of seating. In general, spacious for 20, maxed at 60-65 without tables. Open house type events can accommodate larger groups. Please see website for room dimensions and configuration estimates. While this is a desirable facility, it is not suited for large indoor events. Please discuss your needs/desires with management.

How far in advance do I need to reserve the space

To insure availability of your date choices, we recommend that you book as far ahead as possible. Please keep in mind that reservations for specific dates are NOT considered “booked” and confirmed until signed contracts and payment requirements are received. Should you have a more spontaneous event need, please feel free to contact us for shorter notice availability. We can also place you on a waiting list for a specific date in the event that scheduling changes occur.

I want to hold a small conference with various presenters.  Do you have AV equipment available

Yes, we have a variety of state of the art equipment available. Please contact us regarding your specific needs. Equipment rental charges are listed on the contract.

Is there transportation to your facility

Yes, via rental car, taxi, and personal vehicles and nearby hotel shuttles. You may contact our concierge service to set up help arrange or suggest transportation options.
We do not offer complimentary transportation service.

Is your space suitable hold a concert

Yes, of a more intimate nature if held inside. Depending on time of year and temperature, a larger outdoor option may be available.

I have allergies and am sensitive to perfumes, fragrances, carpet out gassing etc. Will I have a problem being at an event there or coming in for treatments

We do our best to provide an environment that is both neutral and mindful of potential client sensitivities. For this reason, the floors are either wood or stone and the few floor coverings are made of natural fibers whenever possible. There is no out gassing present. We strive to use therapy products that are natural and fragrance free. We have requests posted in both the Dental Center and the Wellness Center asking that people refrain from using perfumes; fragrances etc., however, we cannot account for what other people bring into the space.

You will also want to keep in mind that we are located in the desert and thus dust and pollen are part of the natural outdoor surroundings. You may wish to set up a time to come by and visit the facility prior to actually booking space or an appointment for therapeutic services to determine for yourself if the environment is compatible with your specific needs.

How do I book space for an event or set up a treatment appointment

Please call us at the Wellness Center at 520.743.7101 or Email Ari For space rental, we will set up a time to conduct an intake interview, check calendar for availability, and send you our information/contract packet to get you started. For booking a treatment appointment, we will discuss what kind of treatment would be most beneficial and set you up for scheduling.

I am excited about your Wellness Center and would like to be a practitioner there. Are there possibilities

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. Anything is possible! Please send us an email letting us know what you might want to offer along with your background, resume and other pertinent information. We will happily review your information and contact you to come in for an interview if all is in alignment with both our needs and desires. If you have any other questions, please contact us at 520.743.7101 or Email Ari Be sure to check out other aspects of the website. Thank you for your interest in Medicine Wheel Wellness Center. We Look forward to sharing our passion for high level wellness, sustainability and innovation.