Our Approach

With awareness we can choose to make a difference for ourselves and with others. We can create relief, freedom from suffering and the opportunity for wellness by choosing to be present with intelligent, supportive and compassionate care. – Dr. Steve Swidler


Our approach and practice include the recognition that dentistry is a major key to optimal health and wellness. Holistic dentistry takes into account that total health is a whole greater than the sum of its parts and seeks to address each patient’s health accordingly. At Medicine Wheel Dental we have worked hard simply the path to high level oral health. Our approach consists of a 3 step process.

1. Eliminating diseases and infection through the following practices:

  • Preventative Diagnostic Testing and Evaluation
  • Addressing gum / periodontal disease and individualized periodontal management programs
  • Restoring broken or decayed teeth
  • Mercury/Amalgam removal, if indicated, with highly protective protocols

  • Conscientious General and Cosmetic dentistry


2. Body/Jaw and Whole Body Alignment:

body/jaw alignment through medicine wheel dental and wellness center
Body/Jaw Alignment

We offer a range of programs to determine and maintain a healthy jaw/bite position.

It is important to align the whole body to support overall health as well as to determine the correct jaw position. Once the body is in alignment, determining correct jaw position becomes possible.

3. Bite Restoration

Once we have effectively reduced or eliminated the symptoms hindering your system as a result of your bite being off, we use Biocompatible dental materials to restore the newly established bite that reflects optimal body alignment and function.