Periodontal Services

General Cleanings

Maintenance of health in the presence of normal bone and tissue health.  Probe scores checked. The removal of plaque, calculus, and stains from  the tooth structures. Use of ultra-sonics, and hand scaling, floss, and  polish.

Periodontal Cleaning

Maintenance of health in the presence of bone loss, (Periodontal  disease), the removal of plaque, calculus, and stains from exposed root  surface, deep pockets, and all other tooth structures. Probe scores  checked. Use of ultra-sonics, and hand scaling, flossing, polishing.

Full Mouth Debridement

The removal of dense deposits of plaque and calculus in order to  initiate  the health of the patient’s gum and bone health in more  difficult cases, and to begin the healing process to any gingivitis (gum  infections) or periodontitis (bone disease.) This is a preliminary  procedure that does not rule-out the need for additional procedures. Use  of ultra-sonics, and hand scaling.

  • Non-Invasive Perio Treatments
  • Arestin; antibiotic local delivery treatments; very limited use
  • Subgingival antioxidant solutions

Laser Bacterial Reduction

We not only treat Perio with removal of mechanical irritants and diseased tissue (your normal cleaning) but are also addressing the underlying infection that causes it.  With that thought in mind we recommend that all of our patients have their teeth decontaminated in conjunction with cleaning appointments for these three major reasons, to reduce or eliminate bacteremias, to prevent cross contamination of infections in your mouth and kill periodontal disease bacteria and stop their infections before they cause physical bone loss and / or gum attachment around your teeth.

Scaling Root Planning

The thorough removal of heavy deposits of plaque, and calculus, from  deep pockets and root surfaces in order to treat active infections. Includes irrigation of pockets with a super antioxidant solution, and  the use of local anesthetic if needed.  Nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) is available  if patients are apprehensive.

Holistic Approaches for Treating Gum Infections/Disease

Your health is our primary goal. We create a flexible and customized approach in order to address your individual issues and help you achieve your wellness goals.  We offer a whole body and health approach to education about gum and bone infections and utilize the following alternatives below. In addition, we are “Recovery Friendly” for those patients with addiction issues or who are in treatment for alcohol or chemical dependency or are chemically sensitive.

  • We utilize herbal and nutrient based antibacterial rinses.
  • We use a natural derivative calcium and phosphate alternative to fluoride treatments.
  • Nitrous oxide gas and local anesthetics are available if patients are apprehensive.
  • For stress reduction and the further alleviation of dental anxiety, we can also schedule appointments with our acupuncturist and body work practitioners before and/or after your dental visits.
  • We use low dose Digital X-rays to minimize exposure.
  • Our supplies are latex and preservative free.
  • For optimal home care, we also highly recommend the daily use of a Waterpik (oral irrigator), dental floss and the Sonicare toothbrush. For your convenience, we have them available for purchase at our office.