Root Canal Prevention

At Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center we are very pleased to offer the first highly effective treatment to avoid root canal treatment and keep teeth alive. Remember, the key is to treat these teeth as quickly as possible before the tooth’s nerve dies. Currently this service is only available in the US and only at Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center.

Born of his commitment to high level wellness and safe natural alternatives, Dr. Swidler developed this innovative and highly successful pulp exposure treatment in the field of dentistry. It is comprised of safe, all natural ingredients and was developed from his research with Japanese herbs and antioxidants.

This procedure is utilized in areas of both very deep tooth decay or nerve pulp exposure. This procedure has never been available in the field of dentistry and can be used if the tooth has not died and is still responsive to anesthetic.

Where previously these teeth were condemned to root canal or extraction, we have been able to save (keep alive) over 90% of qualified teeth by using this innovative treatment, clinically, for over 15 years! Root canal teeth are dead teeth that are kept in the mouth. Remember, nowhere else in medicine do we keep a “dead part” in the body. While root canals may eliminate pain, they can potentially harbor bacteria and viruses which can continuously circulate within the body, causing other health risks and complications. 

With our proprietary natural treatment, we have been able to “save” (keep alive) teeth with exposed nerves as long as two factors are observed:

  • Red blood is seen when the decay is cleaned out (as opposed to a dead dry canal or pus)
  • The anesthetic works to numb the tooth

Healthy teeth have a circulation of their own from the blood vessels within the tooth to the outside of the root through thousands of tiny tubules. Root canalled teeth are non-vital or dead teeth. They can become gangrenous or infected and need to be removed. Traditionally in dentistry we have been able to treat teeth with cleaning out and filling the inside of the tooth’s larger canals, pain is often eliminated immediately. Without pain, a person can keep chewing and functioning on these dead teeth. However, being free of pain does not mean that the tooth may not still have a low grade chronic infection around or in it.

Teeth are not fused to the bone in which they sit. They are actually suspended by thousands of tiny ligaments in a suspension system that allows for tiny movement. This anatomy clearly indicates a space around an entire tooth’s roots so that when a tooth actually dies or abscesses, the infected tissue or pus exhibits measurable bacteria, viruses and toxins circulating in that space on the OUTSIDE of the root of the tooth. The research of Dr. Steinem showed that not only is there a circulation of ions in a healthy tooth from the inside to the outside through the tooth’s root but when a tooth dies, there is a “suck back” of ions and other material in that natural space (bacteria, toxins) from the end of the root tip of an infected tooth into the thousands of microtubules (tiny straws running between the inside and outside of the root) along the whole root surface.

Dr. Weston Price, when he was chief researcher for the ADA, did an unprecedented 25 year study involving 5000 rabbits, showed scientifically how dead root canal teeth harbor bacteria, viruses and toxins.

The study involved removing root canal teeth from people with specific diseases, surface sterilizing the dead tooth and implanting it under the skin of a rabbit. Within two weeks the rabbit developed exactly the same disease the person had (kidney disease, heart disease, etc.). While this “focal infection theory” has been resisted, it is now a well accepted fact that bacteria found in the mouth can travel directly to the heart if the gums are swollen or bleeding. Surgeons are insisting that gum (periodontal) health is established before surgeries to eliminate this pathway of focal infection, especially in heart surgery.

Later, electron microscopy showed how the 30 micron diameter microtubules were harboring 4 to 5 micron bacteria and smaller viruses. In a molar tooth there are so many micro tubules that if you put them end to end you’d have a tube 2.5 to 3 miles long!! While antibiotics can be used to treat an abscessed/infected tooth, it only treats the body side of the equation.  There is no longer any live circulation within the tooth and medications cannot reach into the tubules to treat a constant low grade septic condition.

Root Canal specialists take great care to seal the large main root canals within a tooth and seal the end of the root, but have no ability to eliminate the bacteria, viruses and toxins from the infection spreading from the end of the root through the large ligament space around the whole outside of the root.

ALT testing developed by Dr. Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky measured the proteins and toxins associated with infected teeth. They could be detected and measured all the way from the root tip to the gum line of the infected tooth.

Additional information can be found on the Mercola website by clicking this link: Why you should avoid root canals like the-plague