Safe Mercury Removal

The following information will provide you with education about the risks of mercury use in dentistry along with the best procedures for Safe Mercury (amalgam) Removal. This video clip is from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).


Is there a concern about the use of mercury in dentistry?

Many people do not realize the “silver” amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. A large filling may contain as much mercury as a thermometer. Mercury vaporizes easily at room temperature, and in this state, is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Inhaled mercury vapor is readily absorbed into the bloodstream. The World Health Organization has concluded that dental fillings contribute more mercury to a person’s body than all other sources of mercury combined. Mercury is a powerful poison. Published research demonstrates that mercury is more toxic than lead, cadmium or arsenic. No amount of exposure to mercury vapor can be considered harmless, especially considering its cumulative effect.

Is there an associated health risk?

Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on the earth. Most medical and scientific researchers have called for a ban on the use of mercury in all products. Amalgams have been banned from use in numerous countries already. However, until recently the potential harmful effects of mercury fillings have been ignored by the U.S. Government and media. Due to its poisonous nature, mercury can adversely affect the immune, urinary, cardiac, respiratory and digestive systems. Under laboratory conditions, mercury has produced brain cell deterioration identical to that seen in victims of Alzheimer’s disease.

Should I have my mercury fillings removed?

safe mercury removal procedures at medicine wheel dental and wellness center
Safe Mercury Removal Procedure

Using Safe Mercury Removal Procedures to replace functional, clinically acceptable mercury “silver” fillings is a personal choice. We suggest you research the science involved to make an informed choice. The IAOMT believes you should eliminate these fillings unless you are pregnant or lactating. Mercury vapor is continuously emitted from dental fillings and accumulates in the body over time. The damaging effects of this exposure may not manifest for years or even decades. Studies repeatedly demonstrate that even low levels of mercury cause measurable adverse health effects. Mercury in the body tissues of a fetus or infant correlates statistically with the number of dental amalgam fillings in the mother. Newborns may be at risk for learning disabilities because of mercury their mother absorbed during pregnancy. Mercury vapor crosses the blood brain barrier, the placental barrier, and passes through breast milk. Many physicians are testing their patients for mercury toxicity and referring them to biologic/holistic dentists.

Is there a proper way to remove mercury fillings?

Yes, Safe Mercury Removal Procedures are utilized during this procedure. Both Drs. Glass and Swidler and our assistants wear mercury vapor masks which are essential to both your safety as well as ours. We take our job very seriously. Our occupational setting exposes all of us to hazardous wastes and mercury vapors when we remove your amalgams. Our masks, giving you vitamin C 20-30 minutes before starting, high volume air control, you breathing oxygen and using a chelating rinse just prior to starting, minimizes everyone’s risk of exposure.

Safe Mercury removal at medicine wheel dental and wellness center

Safe Mercury Removal Procedures

Prior to amalgam removal, we recommend that you have a test done for heavy metals in order to evaluate how your body is currently handling these toxins. Cooperating with your physician or complementary health care provider is helpful in developing the best personalized chelation/detoxification approach. In addition to measuring the body’s heavy metal burden, we want to ensure that the body is working efficiently to clear the heavy metals from other body tissues.

If a filling is particularly deep when removed, we utilize an exclusive, all natural treatment to avoid the need for root canals. Dr. Swidler developed and introduced this innovative protocol to the field of dentistry. With over 12 years of research, this highly effective approach has saved over 90% of teeth that were previously slated for root canal or extraction. This option is indicated only when there is still vital tissue in the tooth and anesthetic is effective.

Utilization of Bio-Compatible Materials

To those with chemical and other sensitivity we are committed to using the materials that are the most compatible with your specific physiology. In order to determine bio-compatibility, special tests can be ordered on an individual basis as needed. In addition, we aim to be sensitive to those with “recovery” (chemical dependency) or chemical sensitivity issues.