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Can Allergy Medications Cause Poor Oral Health?

Spring is here and as we all enjoy the beautiful blooming trees and flowers, we may also find ourselves reaching for the nearest bottle of Benadryl® or other over the counter allergy relief medication. Consider the side effects not only for your overall health, but specifically for your oral health before you reach for that bottle.

allergy medication and oral health

Allergy medication instructions state they may cause drowsiness, dizziness, and dry mouth. Those of us that choose to use over the counter medications also, choose to endure these side effects, without understanding what it may be doing to our oral health.

Dry mouth, clinically known as xerostomia, can cause an increase in dental caries (cavities/decay), oral candidiasis (Thrush), and altered taste sensations.

Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center suggests a few natural methods for alleviating allergy symptoms:

  • Eat allergy-fighting foods such as those rich in Omega-3s; fish, walnuts, and flaxseed oils
  • Stinging Nettle is a natural antihistamine that works very similar to the over the counter medications without the same side effects
  • Local raw honey contains pollen specific to your area and is a natural introduction of the allergens to the immune system, thus, enabling our bodies to build antibodies that may help with the severity of your reaction to allergens
  • Drink lots of water!

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is always a key factor in reducing gum disease and tooth decay, but especially with medications that may cause dry mouth.

As always, check with your physician before starting a new or adding to an existing regime.