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Dr. Oz : Can Your Silver Fillings Be Causing Memory Loss & Mood Swings?

Dr. Oz : Can Your Silver Fillings Be Causing Memory Loss & Mood Swings?

Dr. Oz, march 28 2013, silver fillings episode

Silver Fillings May Cause Memory Loss & Mood Swings

Before other options were available a trip to the Dentist often resulted in silver fillings as a result of any cavities that you may have had.  On March 28, 2013 Dr. Oz will be talking about silver fillings and the effects that they may be having on your health.  Should you consider having your silver fillings replaced and what potential risks may they be having on your health.

Dr. Oz will be inviting on experts in the field to talk about silver fillings and what health issues they may be causing.  Can they cause memory loss or mood swings?  What are the long term risks and what risk factors and symptoms may become noticeable that may be a signal that your silver fillings may be the culprit behind what has been making you sick. If you have been experiencing unexplained symptoms for years and investigating all sorts of ailments, the problems may have been literally lying in your mouth all along.  If you or someone you love still has silver fillings the Dr. Oz March 28, 2013 show will definitely be an episode that you will absolutely not want to miss.

Are Silver Fillings Toxic?

Dr. Oz will be talking about why silver fillings are toxic to your health and why they may be causing health issues like memory loss, mood swings, as well as a wide variety of other symptoms.  Silver fillings contain high levels of mercury which have been shown to be harmful to your central nervous system as well as cause a wide assortment of other health ailments.  Many countries have banned silver fillings and Dr. Oz will be inviting experts on to the show that will be bringing you the facts about what you need to know.

Guests To Be Included On The 3-28-2013 Dr. Oz Episode :