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Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness, Why Us?

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Why Medicine Wheel Dental is for you!

At Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center we are often asked about our services, what makes our practice unique, and why do people come from all over the country to see us? We designed this graphic to highlight some of the unique tools in our Medicine Wheel bag. Most of these items can only be found at our office!

We invite you to ask questions on your next visit or if you are new to our clinic call to make an appointment and see the difference for yourself!


High Level Wellness

CACTUS IN BLOOMCommitted to: High Level Wellness, Stustainability & Innovation

The philosophy and intention of Medicine Wheel Wellness Center can be summed up by our commitment to three topics: high level wellness, sustainability and innovation. The Center was borne out of a vision and commitment by Dr.Steve Swidler DDS,to expand the integrative/holistic services available at Medicine Wheel Dental. The concept of high level wellness asks each of us to consider the possibility of what the “next chapter” of our life could look like “at its best”. The Wellness Center offers a peaceful and inspiring environment to embrace and explore these possibilities. Various therapeutic services, treatment modalities, classes and conferences will provide rich opportunities for the greater community to both learn about and to present new options and innovative ideas that are truly viable. This can benefit the individual, the community, and ultimately the planet. We will be presenting topics and classes to enhance the physical,emotional,mental and spiritual potentials of attaining high level wellness and providing space for others to do so as well. Please let us know what you might be interested in or interested in presenting within these guidelines.

For more information or questions regarding booking space at Medicine Wheel Wellness call 520.743.3366 or Email


Wellness Services Offered

Wellness Services Offered

Cranial Sacral Therapy-

Cranio sacral Therapy takes a whole-person approach to healing. The inter-connections of the mind, body and spirit are deeply acknowledged. It is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of illnesses helping to create the optimal conditions for health, encouraging vitality and facilitating a sense of well-being. It is suitable for people of all ages including babies, children and the elderly, and can be effective in acute or chronic cases.

Swedish Massage-

A relaxing massage, uniquely designed to reduce physical and emotional stress. More and more physicians are recommending massage to their patients as studies have shown massage helps to lower blood pressure levels, promotes healthy circulation and leave you with a feeling of inner calm and wellbeing.

Deep Tissue Massage-

Uses slower strokes and deeper pressure to relieve muscle tension, chronic inflammation, muscle/joint pain and physical stress. Used here is an orthopedic massage approach to unwinding soft tissue strains and dissolve adhesions and torsion in the muscle.

Hot Stones Massage-

A full body massage using hot stones with the intention to melt away muscular tension and induce deep relaxation. This treatment has been refered to by clients as a journey. It is soothing for those with arthritis and chronic pain.

Rosen Method Bodywork-

A powerful tool for stress reduction and for reaching the body/mind connection through touch. It is effective in easing chronic tension and its ill effects on the mind and body. It is a valuable technique for personal growth and for finding the path of the heart and soul in one’s life and living more fully in the present. This work is complementary to those receiving psychotherapy. Using a gentle touch (hands that listen rather than manipulate), the practitioner focuses on chronic muscle tension. As relaxation occurs and the breath deepens, unconscious feelings, attitudes and memories may emerge.

Foot Reflexology-

is an ancient, holistic energy-based modality, working through the energies of the nervous, electrical, chemical and magnetic systems of the body. This technique is applied to reflex maps resembling the human body, which is believed to exist on the feet and hands. It can help reduce stress, stimulated the bodies own healing abilities and cleanses the body of impurities.

Acupuncture –

a gentle and effective treatment modality which uses the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body to treat both the mental and physical, providing profound healing, pain relief and relaxation.


(heated herbs), is often included for stimulating circulation in stagnant painful areas of the body and organ systems, promoting health, longevity and ease.


the application of pressure to acupuncture points with fingers, thumbs, or special tools for stimulation of specific therapeutic points.  The addition of gentle, deep stretches open pathways of healing, relaxing and renewing the body.  Great for stress and pain relief.

Auricular Therapy-

the use of needles, probes, seeds or metal beads to stimulate specific points on the ears. Based on a micro-system just like foot or hand reflexology, the activation of these points powerfully stimulates and detoxifies the immune system and relieves pain.


the application or inhalation of concentrated natural oils (essential oils) extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves or roots.  The oils contain specific properties for treating both physical and emotional disorders /stress and for creating a blissful, fragrant, healing atmosphere.

Gua Sha-

stimulating the body by pressing and stroking the skin with a round-edged instrument. This technique relieves pain, stiffness, fever, chills, cough and more. It’s good to come in for Gau Sha at the first sign of a cold or flu.

You may choose 1 or a  combination of modalities during your session.

Consider treatment for any of the following: ~ Anxiety ~ Pre and Post Dental Pain and Anxiety ~ Toothache ~ TMJ ~ Colds & flu ~ Detoxification ~ Headache/Migraines ~ Neck/Shoulder Pain ~ Tendonitis ~ Musculo-skeletal injuries and pain ~ Excess Gag Reflex ~ Stress ~ Bell’s Palsy ~ PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) ~ the Blues or the Jitters ~ Arthritis ~ Gastrointestinal distress ~ Urinary tract infections ~ Gyn issues ~ Fibromyalgia – Shingles and nerve pain ~ Sinus issues ~ Addictions ~ Insomnia ~ Depression

Yoga Flow-

Whether your needs are temporary or long term, this offers a gentler approach. Ideal for those who are not ready for more challenging classes, have muscle or joint pain, stiffness, weakness, fatigue or recovering from a major illness. Classes include simple stretches, breathing exercises, restorative poses, as well as gentle movements designed to increase range of motion and build strength and flexibility. Restore your body and relieve your stress with this class.

Yin Yoga-

A quiet practice that compliments your regular dynamic yoga practice. Yin Yoga targets the spine, hips and legs. A small number of poses are held comfortably for approximately 3 to 5 minutes each. Each pose is designed to open meridians (superhighways through the body, carrying energy or prana). Yin Yoga applies strategic stress to connective tissues to help prevent deterioration of connective tissue which happens as we age. We increase our range of motion and reverse our aging process through Yin Yoga.

Percussion Table®

The Percussion Table® was conceived and developed by Dr. Swidler. The table is used to unwind soft tissue strain and injury patterns, balance body fluids and alignment and invites a condition favoring altered state physiology. For more information please view the video below where Dr. Swidler discusses the table at length.



Natural Awakenings Article

Natural Awakenings Article

Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center was featured in the January 2013,

Tucson Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Reinventing the Wheel

Dr. Steven Swidler and his team break the mold of traditional dentistry with remarkable innovations in holistic care and a diverse new wellness center.

Although the acronym DDS that follows his name stands for doctor of dental surgery, Dr. Steven Swidler, of Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center, in Tucson, is not your typical dentist.

You can read it here Natural Awakenings Article, January, 2013


Welcome New Patients

Welcome New Patients

Welcome New Patients

We are delighted to welcome you to Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center. We hope that you will find many opportunities for achieving greater health and wellness through the services and programs that we offer. Please take a moment to explore our website in detail so that you can get to know us better. We have lots of good information to share with you. Then visit the New Patient Forms tab, so that we can get to know YOU better! Congratulations on taking the next step towards greater health and well-being. Please let us know how we can support you to make it a pleasant and meaningful journey.


Welcome to Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center

Welcome to Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center

Welcome to Medicine Wheel

Dental and Wellness Center


With awareness we can make a choice to make a difference in ourselves and others. We can create relief and the opportunity for wellness by being present with supportive, compassionate care.

Medicine Wheel Dental is a nationally recognized integrative general dental practice with a specific focus on holistic/biologic approaches. We integrate a balanced mix of traditional dentistry with naturopathic, homeopathic and alternative modalities. Addressing concerns such as safe protocols for removing mercury (silver amalgam) fillings and bite/jaw alignment (TMJ) problems with a whole-body approach while utilizing biocompatible materials, we can help create high-level wellness that can be achieved even after years of compromised health.

Since 1976, patients have looked to our team for support in choosing the proper treatment options for their specific needs. To provide the highest level of personalized care, we continually examine the latest research to co-create a positive and informed dental health experience while at the same time delivering exceptional cosmetic results.

In our unique desert environment, patients will experience a warm, safe and peaceful dental setting unlike any other. Our benchmarked level of compassion and consideration for each individual is just one of the elements that have made us Tucson’s premier holistic dental choice.

Dr. Steven A. Swidler DDS & Dr. Kenneth C. Glass DDS



Avoiding Root Canals- Exclusively at Medicine Wheel Dental

Avoiding Root Canals- Exclusively at Medicine Wheel Dental

Dr. Swidler developed an all natural 70 antioxidant treatment for deep decay and exposed nerves.  There have been almost no treatments available to keep a tooth vital (alive) where decay has exposed the nerve.  Other dental offices are able to save only 1%-2%, at best, often with severe pain following, so patients are recommended for an immediate root canal or extraction.

With our proprietary natural treatment, we have been able to “save” (keep alive) over 90% of the teeth with exposed nerves as long as two factors are observed:

  • Red blood is seen (as opposed to a dead dry canal or pus)
  • The anesthetic works to numb the tooth

Healthy teeth have a circulation of their own from the blood vessels within the tooth to the outside of the root through thousands of tiny tubules.  Root canalled teeth are non-vital or dead teeth. No where else in medicine do we leave a dead part in the body. It would become gangrenous or infected and need to be removed.  However, in dentistry we have been able to treat teeth with cleaning out and filling the inside of the tooth’s larger canals and pain is often eliminated on sensitive or painful teeth.  Without pain, a person can keep chewing and functioning on these dead teeth.  Being free of pain does not mean that the tooth may not still have a low grade chronic infection around or in it.

Teeth are not fused to the bone in which they sit.  They are actually suspended by thousands of tiny ligaments in a suspension system that allows for tiny movement.  This anatomy clearly indicates a space around an entire tooth’s roots so that when a tooth actually dies or abscesses, the infected tissue or pus has measurable bacteria, viruses and toxins circulating in that space on the outside of the root of the tooth.  The research of Dr. Steinem showed that not only is there a circulation of ions in a healthy tooth from the inside to the outside through the tooth’s root but when a tooth dies, there is a “suck back” of ions and other material in that natural space (bacteria, toxins) from the end of the root tip of an infected tooth into the thousands of microtubules (tiny straws running between the inside and outside of the root) along the whole root surface.

Dr. Weston Price, when he was chief researcher for the ADA, did an unprecedented 25 year study involving 5000 rabbits, showed scientifically how dead root canal teeth harbor bacteria, viruses and toxins.

The study involved removing root canal teeth from people with specific diseases, surface sterilizing the dead tooth and implanting it under the skin of a rabbit.  Within two weeks the rabbit developed exactly the same disease the person had (kidney disease, heart disease, etc.).  While this “focal infection theory” has been resisted, it is now a well accepted fact that bacteria found in the mouth can travel directly to the heart if the gums are swollen or bleeding.  Surgeons are insisting that gum (periodontal) health is established before surgeries to eliminate this pathway of focal infection.

Later, electron microscopy showed how the 30 micron diameter microtubules were harboring 4 to 5 micron bacteria and smaller viruses.  In a molar tooth there are so many micro tubules that if you put them end to end you’d have a tube 2.5 to 3 miles long!!  While antibiotics can be used to treat an abscessed/infected tooth, it only treats the body side of the equation.  There is no longer any live circulation within the tooth and medications cannot reach into the tubules.

Root Canal specialists take great care to seal the large main root canals within a tooth and seal the end of the root, but have no ability to eliminate the bacteria, viruses and toxins from the infection spreading from the end of the root through the large ligament space around the whole outside of the root.

ALT testing developed by Dr. Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky measured the proteins and toxins associated with infected teeth.  They could be detected and measured all the way from the root tip to the gum line of the infected tooth.

At Medicine Wheel are very pleased to offer the first effective treatment to avoid root canal treatment and keep teeth alive.  Remember, the key is to treat these teeth as quickly as possible before the tooth’s nerve dies.