He’s my dentist, need I say more? – Dr. Andrew Weil, MD

We were not sure if holistic dentistry was compatible with our personal life focus. However, when we first came to Medicine Wheel, we found the focus on holistic dentistry very compatible with our personal focus in life.

It is my pleasure, and my honor, to commend you personally, Steve, on that which you have accomplished in your personal journey and the consequent leadership that has created the practice that you so freely share today, with your staff and with all of us who are privileged to be your patients. – H.W. (patient)

For more than seventy years, I dreaded going to the dentist. It was a place that I associated with pain, claustrophobia, and fear. Today, as we make the long drive from Bisbee to West Tucson, I find myself looking forward to a visit with old friends, professionals who care, and who therefore make each experience a time to anticipate with peaceful happiness. Whatever the procedure, I am never disappointed in that anticipation. – S.R. (patient)

The money and the dread of removing my amalgams kept me from pursuing that avenue of relief. I have done extensive research and the one thing that I have read over and over is that if you have been chronically ill for an extended period of time, the amalgams MUST go. Amalgams are the silver looking fillings in your mouth. The money and the dread of it all kept me from pursuing that avenue of relief. After much consideration I finally decided that I had to do this in order to have any chance of recovering. I already knew how important it is to have a highly specialized dentist remove the amalgams so that is what I started searching for here in the Tucson area. In reviewing his knowledge of this procedure, Dr. Swidler was the dentist I decided on. It has now been over two months since I became ‘amalgam free’. My experience at Medicine Wheel tells me that Dr. Swidler knows exactly what he is doing in regard to the whole mercury issue. He and his staff, which are second to none, did a great job of making me feel as comfortable as possible. These are kind and caring people at this office. I have been doing the mercury detox that Dr. Swidler recommended and my health continues to improve every day. I am extremely grateful to have had this dental work done. I highly recommend Dr. Swidler and his team, especially for the amalgam removal. – Paddi M. (patient)

I was living most of the time with killer headaches, an array of extreme menopausal symptoms and no energy whatsoever. One of the greatest gifts in my 25 year search for personal health and vitality was meeting Dr. Steven Swidler of Tucson, Arizona. He is, what I term, a true “wholistic” Dentist, with extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the Cranial Bones and their significant (PROFOUNDLY significant) interaction with and impact on our entire structural alignment and overall health.

When I showed up at his door, I was so dysfunctional and compromised (and I even told him so at the time) that I wasn’t sure if I was going to “make it” another month for the scheduled treatment he had recommended me. Seriously. I couldn’t stand up straight: my posture was slooping over like an old woman. I was living most of the time with killer headaches, an array of extreme menopausal symptoms, no energy whatsoever to do anything with, and an embarrassing inability to think or even express my feelings.

The additional height onto my bite eliminated my TMJ problems and the severe headaches which accompanied it. I could stand up straighter almost immediately with ease and even comfort! I suddenly started to be able to think again, and 95% of my menopausal symptoms went away. I’m talking about the emotional stuff here, too, all the emotional despair that so frequently goes along with menopausal symptoms, just kind of fell away (It makes sense, now, in retrospect: the pituitary and pineal glands (which are the great hormone stations and production centers, do reside in the cranial cavity). My eyesight has improved dramatically, going from 350 strength prescription glass to 150, and so has my memory (both short and long term), improved. My vitality seems to increase daily!

It really makes me wonder here now about the “natural aging process” and how the slumping over and failing eyesight syndromes are accepted in our culture and in our medical and health care practices as part of the normal aging process. It seems to me, after what I have just experienced here, that in some cases anyway this could in fact be enhanced or even caused by our “worn down bites”.  I can’t help but wonder now how many aging or hurting people could be helped ENORMOUSLY by this kind of dentistry (Wholistic Dentistry), with CRANIAL AWARENESS! Thank you, Dr. Steven Swidler. – E.K. (patient)

I recommend Medicine Wheel Dental to my patients. I trust the quality of care being offered by Medicine Wheel Dental. I often recommend their care to my patients and friends. – Jesse Stoff, M.D

Truly an honor to work with Steve. Dr. Swidler’s passion and understanding of how the teeth and jaws effect the entire body is light years ahead of traditional dentistry. It’s truly an honor to work with him here in Tucson. – Dr. James A. Weaver (Dr. Jaw) Orthodontist

The procedure went smoothly, you adjusted my bite the next day, and even gave me hugs! Thank you so much for your cure and expertise during the removal of my amalgam fillings. From the very first moment I stepped in your office two weeks ago, all of you offered me such kindness. You helped me achieve a goal I’d set for myself a long time ago. Thank you for making the experience such a pleasant one. I am so pleased with my teeth! – T.M. (patient)

This is a fabulous place. It feels like home. Environments are so important. If someone is not feeling well, they would feel better just by being in this environment. It is an uplifting and inspiring place. – Vesta A. (gallery owner, teacher, artist)