Acacia Casita

Medicine Wheel Wellness Center Casita Room

The Acacia Casita is a standalone treatment sanctuary located just outside of the main Medicine Wheel building.  This facility houses Dr. Swidler’s invention, the  Percussion Table; a cutting edge treatment table used in combination with Cranial Sacral and body/jaw alignment therapies or used alone.

Congruent with other Medicine Wheel spaces, the Acacia Casita Treatment Room combines the simple elegance of form and function with a feeling of serenity, silence and spaciousness.  Once passing through the desert scene screen, you might be welcomed by the background enviro sounds of soothing surf, birdsongs of the forest, or sounds of a waterfall.

The Acacia Casita is a peaceful space with its own quiet heating and cooling system, its own recessed sink and mirror area, followed by a bathroom with commode and shower along with a window to the desert outside.  The room features Saltillo tile flooring, high cross beam, wood ceilings with skylight and large windows covered by Shoji screen window shades.  There are multiple ambient lighting options to choose from, including two unique floor lamp cylinders, along with a lighted ceiling fan for additional lighting and airflow.  The room has contemporary frosted glass and metal over desk cupboards as well as a copper finished cabinet for treatment supplies. There are additional recessed storage shelves with baskets in the bathroom.

A desk with teak drawers and granite countertop are available for the ease of writing notes or prepping tools and supplies for therapeutic procedures. There are multiple teak chair benches for seating along with a rolling wooden magazine table. The addition of live plants, a large pink Himalayan salt crystal, pyramid chime clock etc., quietly add to the serenity and simple charm of the space.

Just outside the Acacia Casita are green garden areas and the lovely overhanging namesake of the Casita, the Acacia tree.

The Acacia Casita room is primarily booked for sessions utilizing the Percussion table; however, it may be available as an additional treatment/demonstration room when booking event space, if the Aloe treatment room is not available or if two treatment rooms are requested for an event.  Special arrangements to book the Acacia Casita alone (without booking an event); will be made on an individual basis.  Please discuss your needs with management.

Features: * saltillo tile floors * high wood beamed ceilings * shoji screen window shades * skylight * ceiling fan with lights * pagoda lighting * floor cylinder lamps *other ambient lighting * teak chair benches * teak slatted table * wooden rolling magazine rack table * frosted glass and metal cabinets over desk * copper finished storage armoire * teak desk with granite countertop * small desk spot lamp * recessed sink cabinet  and mirror area * copper tiled wall with mirror * bathroom with commode and shower * recessed  bathroom shelves with supply baskets * compact mp3/cd player/radio * enviro sounds clock and music radio * pyramid chime clock * large  pink himalayan salt crystal * floor mat * shoji screen wall *  ac and heating unit *

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