Our highly trained, caring, and compassionate practitioners are dedicated to providing you, your family, and friends with the most personalized, unique, and comprehensive dental and wellness care.

Mercedez Lucke-Benedict LMT

Mercedez offers a full range of therapeutic services. As a licensed massage therapist, Mercedez has been with Medicine Wheel Dental & Wellness Center since 2009. Trained and mentored by Dr. Steven Swidler, Mercedez is a pain relief specialist using holistic, non-invasive, transformative approaches to patient care. She is proficient in the art of full body connective tissue unwinding, unlocking deep strain patterns with a gentle intuitive touch, restoring improved function and range of motion. She specializes in helping with TMJ related pain, migraines, injuries, traumas, nerve pain, back, neck, foot, and hand pain, as well as stress relief and numerous other conditions. Combining her release work with the benefits of Dr. Swidler’s patented percussion table, the effectiveness of her treatments is multiplied. Patients often report that she is able to feel and see exactly where the pain is and when it leaves. Experience Mercedez’s unique and effective care.

“You no longer have to live with pain in your body or be worried about how it is limiting your true potential. Mercedez is a miracle worker, a true healer and a desert gem.”


Selina Harris RYT

Selina has been practicing yoga for approximately 20 years.

It was a dream of mine to go through Yoga Teacher Training for many years. Finally, able to leap in, I completed training in 2018. I am so excited to share my love for yoga with you. From 30-minute classes to 90 minute classes, I thoroughly enjoy planning and leading each one. It wasn’t until I was able to teach on my own that I truly understood just how much I enjoy this important life practice. When my first client said “life changing” and others told me how much better they felt, I knew this would be my future. There is nothing better than helping guide someone in to feeling better in their body.

Selina teaches our Gentle “flow” Vinyassa Yoga class. Please click here for details about our Yoga Classes.


accupuncture dianne medicine wheel dental and wellness center

Dianne Darcy L.Ac

Dianne brings a wealth of integrative/holistic training and skills to Medicine Wheel in service of supporting your optimal health and well being; providing relief from pain and anxiety, nurturing body-mind and spirit and inspiring a happier, stress free life. She holds a Masters Degree in Acupuncture from the Asian Institute of Medical Studies and has extensive advanced training in both Eastern and Western modalities. In addition to practicing Asian Medicine for over 15 years, Dianne is also a certified Yoga Instructor and a Shiatsu therapist, and has additional training in  Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, and Aromatherapy. Dianne feels she is a natural caregiver, born to be of service. Her hospice volunteer work is but one reflection of her joy in serving. Dianne knows that true healing occurs when the body feels safe and happy and thus her goal is to provide you with a safe, relaxing environment and gentle, yet profound, healing modalities. Medicine Wheel is delighted to have Dianne as part of our integrative team. Dianne is offering acupuncture, acupressure, aricular therapy, aroma therapy and gua sha at Medicine Wheel Wellness Center.


Patricia Hillyard yoga medicine wheel dental and wellness center

Patricia Hillyard

Patricia is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance E-RYT (Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher) and a 500-hour Professional Yoga Therapist. She became a certified integral Yoga teacher in 1975 studying the teachings of Swami Satchidananda and continued her studies of Eastern Philosophy for over 30 years experiencing two spiritual journeys to India with her family. She has actively participated in community service since she was 18 years old. She continues her Yoga Certifications yearly at various accredited Yoga Ashrams and Centers. She has been exploring natural living since 1974. Her background as a Yoga Instructor allows her to help you create a healing place within yourself with visualization and relaxation so that you may tap into that unlimited energy source and enjoy life to the fullest. Her compassion for people and desire to serve and nurture others brings her to Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness. We are happy to have Patricia teaches our Yoga Flow and Yoga Yin Classes as well as doing one on one with our patients in Structural Reintegration/Re-education Therapy. Please click here for details about our Yoga Classes.