We Are Committed to High Level Wellness, Sustainability and Innovation

yoga at medicine wheel wellness center tucson az

Medicine Wheel Wellness Center is the complimentary sister facility adjacent to the Dental Center, committed to high level wellness, sustainability and innovation. The aim of the new Center is to bridge with the work of the Dental Center and takes it to the next level by providing high quality, holistic, integrative care for Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Wellness Center offers a variety of therapeutic modalities, workshops, classes, educational, inspirational and community oriented events in support of this aim. The Southwest Zen flavor, spacious and peaceful ambience of the Wellness Center makes it a perfect place for mindfulness work and play. In  addition to Medicine Wheel sponsored happenings, we offer space for the general public to hold workshops, classes and events as well.

he Wellness Center hosts the Medicine Wheel boutique, which offers a variety of carefully selected dental and wellness related products to support your optimal health and wellbeing.