Philosophy and Intention of Medicine Wheel Wellness Center

The philosophy and intention of the Medicine Wheel Wellness Center are:

  • High Level Wellness
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation

The Center was born from the vision and commitment of Dr.Steve Swidler DDS, to expand the integrative and holistic services available at Medicine Wheel Dental. The concept of high level wellness asks each of us to consider the possibility of what the “next chapter” of our life could look like “at its best.” The Wellness Center offers a peaceful and inspiring environment to embrace and explore these possibilities. Various therapeutic services, treatment modalities, classes and conferences will provide rich opportunities for the greater community to both learn about and to present new options and innovative ideas that are truly viable. This can benefit the individual, the community, and ultimately the planet. We will be presenting topics and classes to enhance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potentials of attaining high level wellness and providing space for others to do so.

Please let us know what you might be interested in or interested in presenting within these guidelines.

For more information, questions regarding booking space, setting up a class or to scheduling a tour at the Medicine Wheel Wellness Center please contact us: 520.743.7101 phone and/or 520.743.0450 fax