Body Jaw Alignment™


Medicine Wheel Dental Presents

Body/Jaw Alignment™: The Integrative Team Approach

Join Steven Swidler, DDS and his Wellness Team in Tucson, Arizona to learn about Medicine Wheel Dental’s new highly effective, cutting edge approach to TMJ issues, along with their unique integrative team method to whole client care.

Combining structurally trained yoga therapists, osteopathic cranial techniques, massage therapists, the Percussion Table© and dental team, Medicine Wheel Dental created a straight forward and highly effective approach using the “Whole Body as the Articulator ©”

Dr. Swidler utilizes customized dental appliances to create a neutral TMJ position while releasing strain patterns through Cranial Osteopathy, Massage Therapy and the Percussion Table ©.  In addition, body use/misuse patterns are analyzed and corrective individual attention is incorporated through the concepts of Functional Yoga Therapy.

List of Events

Friday Evening:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Introduction: Body/Jaw Alignment – The Full Concept


  • Four 2 hour sessions presenting the aspects of Body/Jaw Alignment for the Holistic Dental Team
  • Hands on experience with specific techniques utilized:
  • Assessment Techniques & Differential Diagnoses
  • Cranial Osteopathy as it relates to Dr. Swidler’s Triplets Theory© (cranial base, TMJ & pelvic bowl)
  • Postural Corrections & Strengthening Techniques utilizing the Triplets Theory©
  • Day and Night Appliance Design
  • Follow up care and treatment parameters
  • The Percussion Table©: Current uses and research
  • The Missing Link©:  New concept for reconstructive consideration
  • Next Steps: Incorporating the program into your practice


  • Q&A/Wrap up

Dental CEU’s provided:  10 hours

Fee:  $250 Summer 2011; $335 after September 2011

Additional Offerings:

  • Yoga Saturday & Sunday morning at 6:30am
  • Desert hike Saturday during lunch break
  • Travel decompression on the Percussion Table© Friday afternoon & evening, as well as at other break times throughout the workshop.
  • Private yoga therapy session, massage therapy session or full body/jaw alignment consultation Friday afternoon, Saturday evening & Sunday after workshop ends.

Steven Swidler, DDS, innovator and creator of several holistic dental protocols (i.e. Swid-guard©, Rx-pose©, Triplets Theory©, The Body/Jaw Alignment Program©, The Percussion Table©) spent the last 3 decades perfecting techniques of holistic dentistry.  Dr. Swidler is a charter member of the original Holistic Dental Association and has been studying and teaching with the Cranial Academy since 1979.

Maria KaliMa, RN, MS, e-RYT, Ayurvedic Consultant & Functional Yoga Therapist combines her nursing assessment skills, structural yoga therapy techniques for body alignment, and Ayurvedic knowledge for constitutional body balancing to work as part of the integrative team at Medicine Wheel Dental.